E-commerce & Digital Marketing Company Achieves 30% Efficiency Boost through CRM Integration & Workflow Automation



Executive Summary

Tech Consultants recently completed a project for a mid-sized enterprise specialising in e-commerce and digital marketing solutions. The project involved integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with their existing platforms and automating key workflows to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive revenue growth. This case study outlines the project’s objectives, challenges, solutions implemented, and the resulting benefits.

Client Background

The client is an innovative company with a diverse product portfolio and a rapidly growing customer base. The company had been experiencing inefficiencies due to disparate systems and manual processes, leading to lost sales opportunities, inconsistent customer experiences, and increased operational costs. Recognising the need for a cohesive CRM strategy and automated workflows, the client engaged Tech Consultants for a comprehensive solution.


  1. Integrate CRM with Existing Systems: Seamlessly connect the CRM system with the client’s ERP, e-commerce platform, and marketing automation tools.
  2. Automate Workflows: Streamline processes such as lead management, sales pipeline tracking, customer service, and marketing campaigns.
  3. Enhance Data Accuracy and Accessibility: Ensure data consistency across all platforms, improving reporting capabilities and decision-making.
  4. Improve Customer Experience: Personalise customer interactions and enhance engagement through targeted marketing and timely follow-ups.


  1. Data Silos: The client’s data was fragmented across multiple systems, causing duplication and inconsistencies.
  2. Manual Processes: Many business processes were manually driven, leading to delays and human errors.
  3. Scalability: The existing infrastructure was not scalable, making it difficult to manage increasing volumes of data and customer interactions.
  4. User Adoption: Ensuring that the staff could efficiently use the new integrated systems and automated workflows.

Solutions Implemented

1. CRM Integration

Platforms Integrated:
• ERP System (SAP)
• E-commerce Platform (Shopify)
• Marketing Automation Tool (HubSpot)
• Customer Service Platform (Zendesk)

Integration Approach:
Tech Consultants utilised middleware solutions to ensure seamless data flow between the CRM (Salesforce) and other systems. APIs were employed to facilitate real-time data synchronisation, ensuring that customer information, order details, and service requests were consistently updated across all platforms.

2. Workflow Automation

Lead Management:
• Automated lead capture from web forms, emails, and social media.
• Lead scoring algorithms to prioritise high-potential leads.
• Automated follow-up emails and task assignments for sales representatives.

Sales Pipeline Management:
• Automated tracking of sales stages with notifications for critical actions.
• Integration of e-signature solutions to expedite contract approvals.
• Real-time dashboard for sales performance metrics and forecasting.

Customer Service:
• Automated ticket generation and routing based on issue type and priority.
• Predefined response templates for common inquiries.
• Escalation workflows to ensure timely resolution of critical issues.

Marketing Campaigns:
• Automated segmentation of customers based on behaviour and purchase history.
• Triggered email campaigns for abandoned carts, re-engagement, and upselling.
• Personalised content delivery through multiple channels.

3. Data Management and Reporting

Data Cleansing:
• De-duplication and standardisation processes to ensure data accuracy.
• Regular audits to maintain data integrity.

Centralised Reporting:
• Consolidation of data from all integrated systems into a unified reporting dashboard.
• Customizable reports and visualisations for different business units.

4. User Training and Support

Training Programs:
• Comprehensive training sessions for different user groups (sales, marketing, customer service).
• Creation of user manuals and video tutorials.

Ongoing Support:
• Dedicated support team to address technical issues and user queries.
• Regular system updates and optimization based on user feedback.

Results and Benefits

Operational Efficiency:

  1. 30% reduction in manual processes, freeing up time for value-added activities.
  2. Significant decrease in response times for customer service inquiries.

Revenue Growth:

  1. 20% increase in lead conversion rates due to timely follow-ups and targeted marketing.
  2. Enhanced ability to cross-sell and upsell, leading to a 15% increase in average order value.

Customer Experience:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction scores due to personalised interactions and prompt issue resolution.
  2. Higher customer retention rates and increased loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

  1. Accurate and real-time insights into sales performance and customer behaviour.
  2. Better resource allocation and strategic planning based on comprehensive data analysis.


The CRM integration and workflow automation project executed by Tech Consultants for the client has significantly transformed their business operations. By eliminating data silos, automating key processes, and enhancing data accuracy, the client now enjoys increased operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and a robust foundation for scalable growth. This case study demonstrates Tech Consultants’ capability to deliver comprehensive CRM solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients, driving measurable business outcomes.