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Google adword & pay per click management

The surest and most effective advantage of AdWords and PPC is that they guarantee quicker service. It is ideal for start-up organizations to get targeted customers quickly, but ads need to be placed at the right place so that you can get the ultimate benefit out of it.


We are 100% digital agency with real professionals in social media, user experience, digital marketing, graphic design, web development and e-commerce strategy. What we can do for you? SEO and Video Marketing experts can do so many amazing things for you. We will make your ads to appear on top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The beauty of it is that you will only pay when your ad is clicked by a prospective customer. Pay-Per-Click advertising is much more lucrative and achieves more results than splashing thousands of dollars on radio or television ads. To many businesses, PPC is the right way to advertise. It is a 100% online service, so you can easily measure the success of the campaigns through analytics. Through Google AdWords, you can decide who sees your ads, and target the genders and age groups. PPC campaigns work in strong alliance with strong SEO performance.



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  • AdWords trial service: If you are starting the first time and want to experience, how it works let us help you. Contact us for AdWords trial period -signup for AdWords management. Not happy with result free to go.


Over the years, we have gotten series of questions from people who have heard of Google AdWords and pay-per-click marketing. Below are some of the answers we have provided in the field:


Yes, we have received countless questions on this. The reason is simple; Google has a greater share of the search engine marketplace than Yahoo and Bing. This is part of the reason why most PPC advertisers put all their efforts and investments on AdWords. Google controls over 70% of the market, while Yahoo and Bing share the remaining 30%.


This exclusively depends on the amount you set or your overall marketing budget. At the moment, you can place as low as $50, while you can also spend hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly. However, you will need to spend more so as to get more. If you are hiring someone to manage your PPC, then spend a lot of money on PPC to justify the cost of hiring the person.


Basically, it’s an auction system, where advertisers bid on keywords while placing their ads in the search results. In this auction system, the highest bidders don’t usually win; instead, Google gives higher advert placements to those with well organized, relevant, and high-quality ads, not those that bid higher.


Almost every type of business can take advantage of our Google AdWords and PPC marketing services- this is where you meet the right people that are interested in what you do. Some of the organizations that can use PPC include seasonal businesses, businesses with the variety of products, organizations that sell hard-to-find products or services, businesses with high margins etc.


There are so many awesome reasons why we must use PPC marketing. Our team has provided 10 of them namely- it converts lead generation, it’s engaging, it’s scalable, it complements other marketing options, your competitors are using PPC, it is easier than SEO, it’s taking over search engine result pages, it’s measurable, it’s flexible, and it’s faster than SEO.


Pay-per-click marketing or PPC is a web advertising that allows organizations to place ads on the web or in the search results. You will pay when someone clicks on your ads, but you won’t be debited for impressions. PPC marketing has two types namely search engine advertising and advertising on partner networks. This marketing service works for most companies.


We believe word of mouth is best selling platform we value your time and effort. So why to wait it can be your revenue generator. Contact us to be a referral partner with us.


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