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Does your business have a marketing strategy for branding? learn with us

Creating your brand.


Branding is more than merely getting your target market to choose you over the opposition. Branding is about earning consumer trust and developing confidence in your brand.

For your business to achieve long-term success, you must effectively manage your brand in order to create goodwill and loyalty towards your brand. Furthermore, utilising a marketing strategy that has been tailored to your business, will help to create value for your business.

An effective marketing strategy will coordinate all of your business’s objectives into an executable plan, that when adopted, will develop a highly recognisable brand for your business.

This webinar will focus on developing your understanding of how to create an effective marketing strategy.

What will you learn?

This webinar will consider how crucial developing an effective marketing strategy is to create a strong brand and cover topics such as;

– Social media marketing

– The importance of modifying business stock

– Developing a recommendation system

– The importance of search engine marketing

– How to establish email marketing campaigns

Time: 10:00 AM - 10:40 AM
When: Friday, 17 May 2019
Venue: Meeting ID will be shared with registered members
24 hrs prior
10:00 AM
Discussion topics
- Social media marketing 
- Modified business stock 
- Recommendation system
- Search engine marketing
- Email marketing campaigns 
10:30 AM
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