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Marketing Automation

As a marketing automation agency, we stand with you at every step and help you reinvent all aspects of your business so you can make holistic decisions based on the profile and behavioural data from any platform. Our Marketing strategist will determine tailored strategies based on a complete evaluation of your business.

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CRM Integration

Offers ease in process and data management

  • Select the best CRM to fit your business
  • CRM Integration with website and other existing framework
  • Track of customer interactions
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Marketing Automation

Engage with customers via highly personalised campaigns

  • Automate Marketing and Sales Process
  • Automate e-mail marketing
  • Automate mobile marketing
  • Automate social marketing
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Data Analysis

Create customer journey and build meaningful relationships

  • Analyze your business requirements and vulnerabilities
  • Track activities on your website
  • Redesign your business process
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Get insightful marketing return on investment (ROI)

  • Document every step with detail
  • Provide round the clock assistance and support
  • Manage the project on-site.

Marketing Automation Process

Marketing Automation replaces separate system for emails, web visitor tracking, lead scoring, nurture campaigns, campaign management and reporting with one solution that streamlines marketing processes and shares data with sales. -David Raab



Our highly experienced team will conduct a thorough research, prior to the implementation of strategies, to find out your target customers and collect the most relevant data to segment your marketing campaigns accordingly.


The most crucial aspect of any strategy is to analyse the goals and objectives behind it. Our team will align all your marketing strategies with your objectives for the best results.


Our design team will make sure that the design of your campaigns are in complete orientation to your business requirements and target audience to convert their experience into real conversions for your business.


All the marketing campaigns are designed to address the specific need of your business and your customers. With our A/B testing measures you can track and optimise the overall performance of the campaign including click through and open rates.


Our teams are result oriented. They make sure to analyse the findings and customers behaviour towards your marketing campaigns. It is a critical component of our process as it aids in identifying the inefficiencies and areas for enhancement.


Our work is based on working closely with our customers, every detail of work is recorded and proper monthly reports are prepared on our work and provided to our clients in case of any required changes.

We can help you to integrate your campaign with your CRM

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