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We Create, Develop, Maintain, &

Optimise your website

Mobile friendly and responsive website, specifically designed to extract and advertise

the unique qualities and services of your company


la respuesta web es clave prerquisite de cualquier sitio en lo que respecta al navegador o dispositivo electrónico. nuestro equipo deligent generar una respuesta flexible e interactiva fro sitio Web.

  • Optimice la resolución de su sitio web

  • compatibilidad para todo el dispositivo electrónico

  • amplia combinación de colores e interactividad de la página.

  • mantener la flexibilidad de los gráficos en el sitio Web.

  • consultas de medios dependiendo del navegador.


Mantenimiento del sitio Web.

Diseño web son dinámicos en la naturaleza que exigen continious actualización de la informática y el diseño. proporcionamos:

  • actualizaciones de software.

  • Actualice y actualice los backups.

  • Actualización de enlaces rotos, duplicados y rotos.

  • Palabras clave optimizadas, incluida la descripción.


Escritura de contenido

El contenido es ingrident importante de cualquier página web. La escritura de contenido es excillence clave para derivar la interacción del cliente orgánico. Techcons Expert le ofrece:

  • Redactores redactores.

  • contenido innovador e involucrado.

  • Escritura del blog, escritura del artículo, contenido del Web site, lectura de la prueba,

  • visuales y ayuda gráfica.


Servicios SEO:

profide la optimización SEO eficiente y regualr, onitoring de SEO:

  • Vistas orgánicas

  • Compromiso social y móvil.

  • ROI mejorado de la vista del usuario.

  • aumento de los índices de conversión.

  • Marketing entrante y saliente

Actualización de contenido

Diseño web son dinámicos en la naturaleza que exigen continious actualización de la informática y el diseño. proporcionamos:

  • Gráficos interactivos integración.

  • Generación de video y publicidad.

  • Capacidad de respuesta y consistencia.

  • Verificación y edición.



Web Maintenance



ONLINE SHOPPING MADE EASY Create an easy way for your customers to pay you. BUILD YOUR ONLINE BRAND Use the full power of the web to make yourself a standout name. CONVERT VISITORS INTO BUYERS Turn online “window shoppers” into paying customers. Tech Consultants design and produce the very best in e-commerce websites incorporating all the latest marketing strategies, to provide you with a platform that your marketing staff can easily operate and manage, including Pretail Campaigns – for launching new products and services • Direct Marketing – with emails and electronic newsletters • Social Media Promotions. Included in the design will be the ability of the website to act as an inbound marketer, automatically promoting and pre-selling your business twenty four hours a day. The system can also include marketing software enabling you to collect and collate customer data to increase sales and help in the design and production of new products and services.



En esta moderna edad de ritmo rápido su sitio web debe estar completamente integrado con su sistema de CRM para asegurar el éxito. Los consultores de tecnología pueden integrar ambos servicios, simplemente, rápida y fácilmente, poniéndole en el control total de su comercialización basada Web.

Payment Gateway and


An integral part of every successful e-commerce website is the payment gateway. Customer perception and interaction must be perfect to ensure no customers are lost during the payment period. Tech Consultants use only the best, proven systems for this important area of e-commerce, ensuring the client experiences a smooth and easy transaction. Using best quality software your payment system can be seamlessly incorporated in your office back-end to produce inventory and tracking services, providing you with real time accounting and stock services. In this fast moving Internet age, the need for professional Internet security has never been higher. Companies must have professional security in place to safeguard the company’s future and its customer data. Virtually not a day goes by without hackers accessing companies and even major corporations. We take responsibility of effective secure payment process and creating a product shop is our mission for future demanding market.

Working With Tech Consultants


Impressive – Effective Design

What makes our design team different? We listen to you and base our modern up to the minute designs on your business and your needs and your customers, needs.


Strong – Ongoing Support

We are always just a phone call, text or video call away. Our ongoing support is available to you as required. Our customer satisfaction ratings are constantly high due to the quality and speed of the support we provide.


Existing Site Maintenance

We offer a complete site maintenance service covering all frameworks and technology. Please contact us to discuss your needs.



Make your website stand out from the pack and make great first impressions through better design.



Make your ecommerce website work smoothly with all your other business systems



Words, sounds and images that keep people coming back to you, building enduring relationships

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