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Good communication is imperative to the production of first class, effective apps. By utilizing our face to face communication options, visiting our design studio, or by Internet conference calls, we can explore your ideas and provide you with our initial recommendations. Providing us and you with a firm base to explore and produce your ideas and requirement further.


Audience Focus

Pinpointing your market audience and engaging with them are vital components in producing the very best apps. Tech Consultants are highly experienced in these tasks and will connect and interact with your target audience on all levels.


UI/UX Design

In the building and production of apps the inclusion of high grade user interaction and user experience is vital Tech Consultants dedicated Apps team bring years of user interaction and user experience to your new applications.


Performance Assurance

Tech Consultants app design team use the latest tools and techniques to include a full monitoring capability to your mobile apps, providing you with the ability to monitor user action on a real time basis.


Security Requirements

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has developed this guide to help app developers embed better privacy practice.


Go Cloud and Social

Tech Consultants monitor all new trends in both cloud and social upgrades and applications to guarantee your apps continue to be user friendly, current and reactive.

Cross Platform


Tech Consultants can offer the opportunity of collaborating with you to produce new mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows from a single code base, which is a perfect strategy to provide the best coverage , using multi-platforms. The combining of development across multiple platforms avoids development and research overlaps and reduces costs whilst providing a clean, polished and identical user interaction on all platforms.

Native Development

Native Development is the obvious choice when the goal of your new application is to provide you clients with a unique experience combined with high performance and optimal solution for each type of hardware. Focused personalized development produces apps for your business that have a unique look and feel.

Enterprise Solutions

Tech Consultants’ Enterprise Option offers B2B, B2C and now the latest emerging focus model of B2E (Business to Employees) During our initial consultation we will decide on the platform for the apps and agree on a strategy to produce your new apps in a timely manner and at an agreed budget. Our one to one, face to face, method of consultation ensure a rapid production of your apps and a smooth move to market.

User Experience

User Interaction and user experience are two critical points in the and production of your new apps. Our experienced designers will research, develop and incorporate both logical and specific methods of ensuring the best user experience and reaction to your new apps. Our experience specalists bring your ideas, and your needs into the real world of mobile applications, providing you with a direct link and connect to both prospective and existing clients.

techcons android apps
Android App


Research shows that there are 2.5 billion Android users. A massive 85% of the mobile market. To succeed in this modern mobile world your business must be part of this global market .

iOS App


Ensure your business is part of the Apple Marketing Bonanza, by having your own iOS App developed by Tech Consultants. Connect the fast growing Apple market and it high quality clientele.

Techcons IOS apps
techcons windows apps
Windows App


Add a unique personalized Windows app to your marketing to ensure you cater for all the main operating systems your clients use.





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