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Affordable PR Agency for

Business and Production firms.

We  promote your company via media coverage to  build substantial integrity and trust for your brand. Let your brand roar on market

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Tech Consultants SEO Consultant

Week 1

We setup a call with your Strategist to begin planning your PR campaign, and we immediately set to work on a first draft.

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Tech Consultants SEO Consultant

Week 2

Our writers finalize your content and we deliver a list of the most relevant media contacts for outreach.

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Tech Consultants SEO Consultant

Week 3

Media outreach begins! Depending on the strategy and/or type of content we pitch we will do exclusive, embargo or regular outreach

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Tech Consultants SEO Consultant

Week 4

In the last week of outreach we setup a new strategy call. Not all campaigns run exactly 4 weeks, so we are flexible on timing.

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We give you wings to fly to enlight your service to world through social marketing, media marketing & email marketing. Tech consultant imitates the communication medium deficiency between your firm and potential customer hereafter. The competition is fierce in the market and techcons expert are fearless which assist to blend your service for potential consumer through mass media. We provide digital media, print media, newspaper, mobile marketing and personal promotion to convey you image in consumer perception for business automation.
Lets start the journey of market automation, we will communicate to the customer. One good decision change the fortune, if you had that thrive allow techcons team begin the journey to success.



The PR plan that we will design for you will be focused on achieving your goals - simply, quickly and easily.



Once we get all your goals we start to work in your marketing efforts and our staff will create the PR campaigns according to your needs.



Our content specialists will create all the content according to the campaigns and share it. So you be hassle free.


“ Some are born great, Some achieve greatness and Some hire public relations officer”
-Daniel j. Boorstin



Looking for custom solutions for your company? Contact us to learn how your business can take full advantage of the scale and capabilities of Tech Consultants PR. Contact us for more information.

Our offerings

  • Digital & Social Media management.
  • Press release and media relation.
  • Content writing and blogging.
  • Branding
  • creative graphic design.
  • Media Promotion & Advertisement.
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