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In today’s modern world companies that are truly adaptable and able to follow trends and quickly change with the market are companies that will survive and prosper. Tech consultants offer a complete branding and marketing solution as a one stop shop.

We offer a service that provides the opportunity to work with our highly trained and experienced team to produce the perfect brand and marketing solution for your company in the shortest possible time and at an acceptable investment level. Please contact us for a free initial consultation without obligation.

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360 Photography & story telling experience

Video Production

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Our video production services are focused to create the impact, a unfold story to tell your audience. Techcons team stands out for substantial creativity and the detailing to technicality. We are dedicated to give you the best possible result for your corporate presence. Our high quality video and audio production services will be communicated professionally to your intended customer. We also offer 360 Photography, let your customer explore professional space. Virtual tour can really open lot of untapped opportunity for some businesses and events.





Yes, our talented designers can design a custom logo for your business. We will provide you with 3 concepts with an opportunity to change colour, font and design. More details and terms and condition will be defined on product page

We provide you with all standard platforms. You can request a different format, that we will do our best to accommodate for you.

You will receive 3 custom design concepts, in which you can change colour, font and design.

The ownership of the design will be transferred to the client upon full payment. Then it will be up to the client to register the copyrights of the design.

5 working days for us to provide you with three custom concept designs.

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