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We will do this by optimizing your content, and making sure the video has the right tags, titles, and descriptions. All these will make it to rank well. We are highly knowledgeable about video marketing. We are 100% ready to add great value to your videos.


Our team is ready to work with you, by providing you with creative videos you can be proud of. A picture, they say, speaks a thousand words, while a video sings and shouts them. We will bring your videos to the limelight, and get the right people to see them. Below are some questions that most clients keep asking us:


Why you should hire us?

We have built a solid reputation in video editing, video marketing, and related media services. Over the years, our seasoned team has helped organizations to grow their businesses ranging from event videos to promotional videos in a cost-effective and professional manner.


How can I market my business with videos?

Video marketing remains a great tool that will help to attract potential clients to your business. Adding videos to your website is a marketing strategy that will enhance communication between current and prospective clients, and also improve SEO.


What video marketing services do we provide?

We are expert consultants on video marketing. Our team specializes in motion graphics (animation), digital editing, conversion services, disc duplication, and video production services. These services will make your website to rank well on search engine listings.


What are the uses of the Video?

The videos can be optimized and used for a number of purposes, including investment pitches, the web video marketing, social media sharing, landing page engagement, public screen adverts, digital video advertising, television commercials, live presentations etc


If I want multiple videos, will I enjoy any discount?

Yes. We provide the volume of discount offers to our clients who subscribe to multiple video marketing services. Kindly contact our team either by sending us an email or give us a call right away for more information.


What is the estimated cost to embed the video?

Our highly skilled team will host your video; provide you with comprehensive stats on the number of people that view the video, and how many times they viewed it. On request, we can upload the video to YouTube, or other commercial video channels.

360 Photography & story telling experience

Video Production


Our video production services are focused to create the impact, a unfold story to tell your audience. Techcons team stands out for substantial creativity and the detailing to technicality. We are dedicated to give you the best possible result for your corporate presence. Our high quality video and audio production services will be communicated professionally to your intended customer. We also offer 360 Photography, let your customer explore professional space. Virtual tour can really open lot of untapped opportunity for some businesses and events.


We believe word of mouth is best selling platform we value your time and effort. So why to wait it can be your revenue generator. Contact us to be a referral partner with us.